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Introducing the AeroPress® Coffee Maker

If you want to know more about the Aerobie® Aeropress® you have come to the right place!. The Aeropress® is a revolutionary coffee maker which, if used correctly, will produce smooth effortless top quality filter coffee.

Simply use this innovative device with your favourite coffee and you'll never be without that extra special cup.With its versatile brewing technique you can explore the wonders of the world of coffee. Whether you just want a fast, effective way to make a 'real' cup of coffee or fancy tinkering with the subtleties of coffee brewing the AeroPress® Coffee Maker can deliver!

  • Have a look at our Coffee Community section which has links to blogs, forums and websites of the coffee community.
  • Opposite you'll see videos where two of the big names in the UK coffee scene describe how they use the Aeropress®.
  • If you want to buy an Aeropress® click here to go to where they have everything you need to make great coffee!



Case Study

Dose Espresso chooses AeroPress®

When New Zealand born James Phillips tired of the world of banking, he turned to coffee. After 8 years spent working in some of Sydney's best coffee bars, he learned... more >


Fantastic Coffee in just 30 seconds!

AeroPress® Coffee Maker in Action

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